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Asar Gold role in Ghana rice business: Asar Co.Ltd ranks almost the top 10 players in Ghana rice import business today, trading close to 10,000 metric tons of rice annually. We participate in the entire value chain from sourcing, shipping and logistics management to marketing and distribution, placing significant emphasis on the quality of the rice. 
At Asar Gold our trained and tested quality control inspectors ensure excellence at every stage of supply and packing in manufacturing facilities prior to shipment. 

Our export and import department work closely with key players in the shipping industry that manages about five (5) handy size vessels for rice at any given point in time enabling us guarantee timely and cost effective delivery of rice to our customers.
We support several of our destination markets with extensive warehousing and distribution networks, allowing us to market the rice through our own distribution channels. Our superior support and positioning has made it possible for multiple brands partnered with Asar, attain a household name status in many markets today. 

Asar’s strategy of setting up distribution networks in the destination markets, coupled with selective backward integration into logistics and origination provides us with a strong foundation to profitably grow our business.

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