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We commenced operations with the mission of being the number one real estate company in the country, providing exclusive homes and striving to be the company with the most satisfied residents. We pride ourselves as a company that provides a wide range of homes and services to our clientele. These varied choices include real estate developments, building contractors, estate management services, rentals and sale of serviced plots.

At Asar Gold, we are committed to providing quality housing solutions to our customers through our professional staff and state-of-the-art building technology. Our 5 years of experience in the provision of building and housing needs has helped us understand client needs and aided our quest to provide tailor-made solutions to them. Our wide range estate homes includes the Following:

    •    Single Family Home
    •    Multi-family (Duplexes, Triplexes and Quadplexes)
    •    Lands
    •    Residential real Estate rentals
    •    Property Investment
    •    Pre-construction
    •    Commercial

Multi-family housing means multiple rent payers for a real estate investor. In a Duplex, if one unit is vacant there could still be rental income from an occupied unit. If the owner lives in one of the unit, an owner occupied mortgage rate can be obtain.

This is cheaper than a commercial mortgage. Like single family housing, investors have many financing options. The multi-family market is often smaller than the single family home market. It may be more expensive to buy a four unit building than a single family house and if the investor sells the property, there will probably be fewer buyers.


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